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Monograms for the Home

Personalizing an item with a monogram dates back to the 19th century when ladies hand stitched their married initials onto their trousseau pieces.  It fell somewhat out of favor during World War I when women needed to work out of the home to support the war effort.  In the mid 20th century though, with the invention of the embroidery machine, monogramming came back into fashion. Then and now, it is de rigueur for Southern brides to receive some some type of monogrammed item when they marry.

Peacock Alley

Monograms can incorporate multiple names or just a single letter and are either embroidered, etched, embossed, or painted onto home items.  Whether plain or intricately interwoven patterned, monograms are an ideal way to embellish your home.

Table linens

Julia B.
Julia B.

Always versatile monogrammed pillows

Eastern Accents

Chair back with elegant single initial monogram backs

Ethan Allen

A wide variety of personalized china can be found at Sasha Nicholas

Sasha Nicholas

Flatware is embellished with a simple script initial

River Ridge

Glass and bar ware are ideal for monogramming

Williams Sonoma

The fur kids enjoy personalized items too!

Felix Chien

Mr. H says: There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort-Enjoy!

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