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For the Birds

Since man began painting on cave walls over 2000 years ago, bird images have been an ever present design embellishment in the home

Apache cave painting
Garden Canyon
Petra bird cave paitings
Petra, Jordan

Fashionable bird décor reached extraordinary heights during the Victorian era with feathers, bird cages, paintings and aviary dioramas filling every corner of the home.

Entrance hall Chester Wickwire House Cortland New York Photograph 1890-1900
The 1890 House Museum and Center for Victorian Art, Cortland, New York.
Victorian bird diorama
Antiques At Leeds

Today, a more delicate and graceful approach is taken when designing with birds

Thibaut Augustine Wallpaper

Thibaut Augustine Hummingbird wallpaper


For a less permanent bird images various types of art for the walls

Paragon Art Peacock modified

Uttermost Perching Birds Mirror

Stylized bird fabrics for a casual look from Duralee fabrics

Duralee Aviary Tangerine

Duralee 32583 fabric

Bird pillows flock together

Eastern Accents Eli Bird pillow
Eastern Accents

Eastern Accents Bird and Cage pillow

Eastern Accents Bird on Wire Pillow

Bird object d’art

Oiva Toikka Glass Bird from IITTALA
Oiva Toikka

Silver Birds

Mr. H says:It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds-Enjoy!

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  1. Jennifer,
    This is well done. Can I use it for my History of Design Class at the Art Institute? My students are always fascinated by individual trends in Victorian times. Thanks,


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