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Bathroom Redo Tips

As we embark on our own master bath remodel here are some tips if your are considering tackling a bathroom redo.

Bathroom remodel

Sometimes cosmetic work is enough with new cabinets and counter tops. Other times a major overhaul is your only choice.  As with all design projects, a well crafted plan will help keep costs down and achieve the look you desire.

J. Rhodes Interior Design

Using existing plumbing locations will eliminate major construction issues since plumbing lines are usually in the walls or under the floor.  Moving these around means tearing into drywall and insulation, among other materials, to gain access.

Bath plumbing lines

If you are opening up the walls and ceiling it is crucial to insulate, insulate, insulate.  It won’t hurt to insulate the interior walls for noise reduction between rooms.

Insulate bathroom walls

Thankfully we are trending away from the enormous master bath especially since it is an expensive rooms to build. A large walk in shower, his and her vanities and a separate toilet area are the most sought after resale items and can fit in the most compact of spaces.

Master Bath Plan with no tub modified

Spend money on visually prominent “accessories” such as door hardware, light fixtures, and faucets.

Cabinet hardware   Bath Lighting

Bath faucet

Color has the power to transform.  For an instant, relatively inexpensive transformation try painting first.

Before and After Bath color

Mr. H says: Life is like renovating a building: if you start wrong, you’ll end wrong-Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Bathroom Redo Tips

  1. My oldest sister wants to update her son’s bathroom this year. He is a teenager now and she wants to make the bathroom look more mature. I liked that you talked about how changing small things like the fixtures and faucet could do a lot to make the bathroom look different. She might want to also talk to a contractor about upgrading the shower in the bathroom.

  2. This is some really good information about bathroom remodeling. I would love to remodel my guest bathroom this winter. Thanks for pointing out that it would be smart to talk to a plumber about moving plumbing lines. If I do that I could probably get a double vanity in that bathroom.

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