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Seven Easy Design Hacks

It’s Spring and the perfect time to spruce up your space.   If you’re not sure where to begin, start with these easy design hacks and your room will feel more polished and pulled together in record time!

Hang curtains to the ceiling
Make your windows soar by installing drapery above the window. 
Right rug size for a room
A large rug will make a space feel expansive while too small a rug subdivides a room. 
Blue ceilings make a room feel taller
Pale blue ceilings make a room feel taller.
Hang ceiling lights over a table
Hang light fixtures 36 to 42 inches above the surface you are illuminating.
Mirrors expand a space
Adding a mirror will visually double your space.
Tips to hang artwork
Artwork hanging tips.
Easy flower arranging tip.

Mr. H says:

Good design is obvious-Great design is transparent-Enjoy!

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