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Why is Interior Design Important?

Everyone has a unique way of leading and prioritizing their life, however most of us agree on a few basic things that are a must.  If you’re reading this then you believe that home design, at some level, is a must.  Of course, the degree of sophistication, interest shown in it and success achieved in a home’s design vary.

We spend 95 percent of our time indoors and those interior spaces can be transformative for the occupants that use them. I believe that Design Matters and these are my Five reasons why.

Design makes your home comfortable.

This is as simple as it gets. If everything in your home is in order, then your life feels easier.

Painted bathroom cabinet design
Photo: J. Rhodes Interior Design

Color can impact how you feel.

Your home’s design can be depressing or hopeful and the colors you use play major role in the result.  If your home is designed with your favourite colors you are more likely to want to stay in that house.

Red accent wall in living room
Photo: Tung Nguyen

Your home tells the story of you.

A beautifully designed home reflects the occupants who dwells there.  We all crave beauty and are repelled by the ugly.  No one wants to hang out in an unpleasant space. Being you is important, and designing your home should reflect your tastes.

Modern living room interior design
Photo: J. Rhodes Interior Design

Well-designed home is efficient.

Unlike a piecemeal, unorganized home a well-designed space makes living in your home effortless and convenient.  Good design helps to make a bedroom feel more restful, while enhancing the productivity of a home office.

Modern black cabinets kitchen design
Photo: Kam Idris

Home design caters to the needs of the residents.

Form follows function is not just a catch phrase but a true design concept.  Design your home with your lifestyle in mind. Make design decisions that considers the needs and wants for ALL the members of your household.

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Photo: Pexels

For more assistance with your home’s interior design head over to my virtual interior design site: Your Epic Home.

Mr. H says: Your home should be the treasure chest of living-Enjoy!

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