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Trendy Toilets for the Home

The commode. The porcelain throne.  The john.   We know it by many names and most likely take for granted this industrious fixture.  Flushing toilets trace back to over 2800 years ago to the famous Knossos Palace in Crete where running water was conveyed into the palace via clay pipes.  The Ancient Romans, knowing the value of good sanitation for all, built public toilets with running water to wash away waste.  Privacy was obviously not a priority!

Roman public toilets

The familiar Western flush toilet, with the tank close to the bowl, has been around since the early 1900s .  Little advances have been made in basic toilet technology through the years with most of the emphasis being more aesthetic than on function.

Moule's earth closet design circa 1909

This sleek design from Kohler Empress Bouquet Collection features a skirted trapway for easy maintenance and a lovely floral motif on the tank.

Kohler Empress Bouquet commode

Toto’s Plum Tree Design from their Waza Miyabi Collection

Toto's Plum Tree Design Toilet

No shrinking violet, this Terra Artesana toilet would make a statement in any bath.

Terra Artesana Toliet

The Masaiko Collection from the Italian line Stile has coordinating toilets and bidets

Stile toilet and bidet

This blog was inspired by a friend’s photos of a real bathroom in Naples, Italy.

Fish tank toilet

Fish tank toilet

The fish seem happy in their unusual habitat.

Mr. H says: Anything dropped in the bathroom will most likely fall in the toilet-Enjoy!

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