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Luxurious Bed Linens

On this first day of September, many of of us are dreaming of the cooler nights ahead and the nesting that will undoubtedly come with less sunshine.  Nothing is more relaxing than slipping into a luxurious bed, complete with beautiful bedding, after a long days work.  Check out these indulgent bedding companies that have a history of creating the artfully dressed bed.

Since 1845, Yves Delorme has been crafting unique, high end  bedding that embodies the French lifestyle. Recognized for its prints and timeless classics, Yves Delorme’s exquisite collections are distinguished by their uncompromising quality and meticulous attention to detail.

Yves Delorme US

Yves Delorme Air Collection

Experience the ultimate in luxury bedding from this Italian company founded in 1891 by Gennaro Sferra.  SFERRA has long been a favorite of the finest hotels around the globe due to it’s superlative quality and use of the softest, longest staple Egyptian cotton grown in the valley of the river Nile.

SFERRA Larino Collection

SFERRA Connery Collection

Frette has endeavored to produce linens and home furnishings of unparalleled quality since 1860.  From its Italian bases in Monza and Milan, Frette utilizes only the finest fibers and most skilled artisans to craft a range of products that have come to embody richness, comfort and creativity around the world.

Frette Pixel Collection

Frette Shading and Curiosity Collection

With over 150 years of British craftsmanship, Peter Reed has been producing the finest English bespoke embroidered bed linens and personalized items.  Old-world aesthetics and the highest standards of excellence, characterize the unmatched quality of their bedding.

Peter Reed Chain Stitch Bedding Collection

Peter Reed Peony Garden Bedding Collection

According to Gretchen Ruben, author of the Happiness Project, making your bed neatly every day can actually increase your overall happiness.  She theorizes that by getting the little things in your life under control, like making your bed, produces a sense of confidence and satisfaction that will help you move on the big things.

Mr. H says: Always wear cute pajamas to bed since you never know who you may meet in your dreams-Enjoy!

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