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Languid Lake Como

Italy’s Lake Como has been a prominent vacation retreat for the fabulous and wealthy since Roman times.  With miles of picturesque coastline, charming villages, and historical treasures tourists flock continue to this Northern Italian gem.  Even after a brief visit, it is no wonder that Como is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe.

Lake Como

Handsome Roman villas dot the banks around the lake.

 Roman villas Lake Como Italy

The waterside villages Menaggio, Verenna and Bellagio form an incomparable trifecta of beauty, magic and grace.

Menaggio sprawls along the Western shore of the lake

Menaggio, Italy

Narrow passageways connects Menaggio’s piazzas

Menaggio Italy passageway

Nestled below a soaring mountain with a hilltop castle, Varenna’s pastel waterfront is captivating.

Varenna Lake Como Italy

The Castle of Vezio, an ancient Roman fortress offers unparalleled views of Lake Como to those that brave the steep climb up.

Castle of Vezio Lake Como

The fork of Lake Como as seen from the castle’s keep

Lake Como

Beauty is the top attraction as even the ceiling in Varenna’s tourist office conjures an ethereal feeling.

Varenna information office

Bellagio has long been a favorite summer retreat for the Milanese nobility and is known as the “Pearl of the Lake”.  The flower filled waterfront promenade with it’s medieval stone stairs running uphill from the water to the central shopping area is enchanting.

Bellagio, Italy

Bellagio, Italy

Flowers and fruit trees flourish in the temperate climate of Lake Como

Lemon tree on Lake Como

Bellagio lake side dining

Mr. H says: In Italy, they add work on to food and wine-Enjoy!

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