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Friday Five: Make Mom’s Day

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th and here are five ways to celebrate the day with mom.

1-Take her to brunch.  It will be easy to find one that suits mom’s tastes with all the amazing dining choices in Charleston.

82 Queen brunch

2-Have a family photo made.  It may have been awhile since you had a portrait made with the entire family and what better way to commemorate the day then a group shot.

Happy family portrait

3-Instead of cut flowers, plant her a rose-bush.  Easy care, Knock Out roses, have exceptional disease resistance and hardiness.

Knock out roses

4-Hire a cleaning service.  Give mom a break from the household chores with a few hours of professional help.

Cleaning service

5-Volunteer together.  Celebrate life’s blessings by helping others.  Serve a meal a meal to the homeless, pet animals at a shelter, or clean up a roadway…the need is great and endless.

Mr. H says: No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift of life to you-Enjoy!

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