bathroom interior design

Elegant Embellishments

Bath hardware is the crowning touch in the bathroom, the element that pulls the design together.  Just as overall design trends are leaning towards cleaner, more streamlined looks, so is bath hardware.   Look for these hot trends:

Transitional styles that straddle the traditional and contemporary offering clean, simple lines, with no ornamentation and excessive detail for simple sophistication.

Mockett towel bar

Coordination is out and mixing different textures and materials like glass, metal and wood are in.

Kallista bath hardware

Bringing elements from the outdoors in have made for some unique hardware

Sonoma Forge CiXX tissue holder

Warmer metal colors, such as nickel and bronze, mix well with other finishes.

Top Knobs metal finishes

The desire for a unique look has brought about a demand for living finishes that acquire a patina over time.

Sonoma Forge rustic copper towel ring

Mr. H says: There is nothing that a hot bath won’t cure-Enjoy!

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