color design trends


With 2014 fast approaching, many of the paint manufactures are issuing their color forecasts trends.  Presenting four distinct palettes, Sherwin-Williams has dubbed their color collection: COLORMIX 2014.

Sherwin Williams COLORMIX 2014 Reasoned

Black, white and gray, Reasoned exalts the quantifiable world’s impact on design

Sherwin Williams COLORMIX 2014 Curiosity

Driven by science and geology, Curiosity celebrates uniquely beautiful

Sherwin Williams COLORMIX 2014 Diaphanous

Diaphanous is the essence of balance, simplicity and elegance

Sherwin Williams COLORMIX 2014 Intrinsic

Intrinsic embraces and preserves tradition, culture and design, while incorporating new influences.

Mr. H says: Blushing is the color of virtue-Enjoy!

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