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Windows by Hunter Douglas

Custom sized window shades from Hunter Douglas are an economical yet beautiful way to cover your windows.  Find my shortlist of favorites products.

Always the pioneer in innovative window coverings, Hunter Douglas introduced their Silhouette shade in 1991.

This ingenious design features soft fabric vanes suspended between two sheer fabrics all of which rolls up into a compact headrail.

Silhouette  shades come in a rainbow of colors; my preference though is for the fabric color to coordinate with the window trim.

Drapery panels frame the windows while the Silhouette shades provide varying levels of light control

Natural woven shades are another favorite for their warm, casual style.

Hunter Douglas Provenance woven woods shades are made from natural woods, bamboo, reeds and grasses.


When raised, Provence Woven Wood shades, create soft overlapping folds

Layering drapery and woven window shade generates interest and depth at the window

Check out Hunter Douglas to view all their beautiful window products.

Mr. H says: You are the window through which you see your world-Enjoy!

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