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Lacquer Looks

Lustrous. Dramatic. Shimmering like a mirage, lacquer walls transform the most staid rooms into an unforgettable space.  Layers of high gloss paint, water based varnish and a good painter is all that is needed to achieve this glamorous look.
A glossy kelly green is a dazzling in this New York hallway by designer Thom Felicia.
Cocoa lacquer walls create depth in this relaxed living space by Muse Interiors.
The ceiling is a great surface to add shine as it reflects light making a room brighter. Designer Tobi Fairley used a navy blue in this glamorous bedroom project.
Wallpaper is a short cut to getting the lacquer look.  Phillip Jeffries offers a Vinyl paper with a shiny finish in a variety of fabulous colors.
Phillip Jeffries
Lacquer furniture is a simple way to introduce a touch of glamour to a room.  The shiny cobalt blue of this Jonathon Adler desk puts a non traditional spin on an otherwise classic piece.
Jonathan Adler cobalt blue laquer desk
Worlds Away cherry red lacquer stools
Worlds Away "Biggs" red lacquer bench
Lighting such as Arteriors Home “coral” inspired, white lacquered resin chandelier, inserts a bit of whimsy and glitz into a space
Arteriors Diallo white lacquer chandelier
Magenta and Citrus lacquer lighting from Wildwood Lamps

  Wildwood Lamps Astrid magenta lacquer lamp     Wildwood Lamps Lauren yellow lacquer lamp

Your pooch will dine in high style with these lacquered stainless food bowls.

Lacquered stainless steel dog bowls

Mr. H says: There is not a thought in our heads that has not been worn shiny by other brains-Enjoy!

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