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His and Her Closets

Regardless of the size of your home, closet space is always at a premium.  In keeping with the his and her theme, there are specific storage needs for men and women.

What does your dream closet look like? Do you have one all to yourself?

Classy Closets San Diego

Or are you forced to share?

The Innovative Organizer

Even if you are required to share there are ways to make it easier

Keep clothes migration at bay with a visible dividing line forcing his and her to stay within their allotted space

California Closets

Show the shoes and bags a lot of love with a proper place to be stored

The Container Store

Jewelry drawers keep the bling organized

Nicole Norris Design Studio

For him, ties and socks are kept tidy with designated compartments

The Container Store

A telescopic rod acts as a valet

California Closets

Clothes will remain off the floor with an integrated laundry hamper

California Closets

Mr. H says: Teach the skeletons in your closet to dance-Enjoy!

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