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Glorious Guest Room Tips

Whether they are family or friends, create a retreat for your visitors with these guest bedroom tips.

Buy the best slightly firm mattress you can afford with an assortment of sleeping pillows of varying firmness.   Be sure that any feather pillows are zipped into in a hypo allergenic cover.  Sheets and blankets should be 100% cotton.  High thread count sateen sheets provide a cooler temperature in bed.

Yves Delorme bed linens
Yves Delorme

Create a pleasant, relaxing color scheme such as a soft blue or green

Keep dirty bags off the bed covering by supplying at least one luggage rack.  Make sure there is space in the closet for guests to hang a few items


Nightstands and lighting on BOTH sides of the bed are a must along with a good wireless connection.

Include a clock, some current magazines or books and a water carafe on the nightstand

Window treatments should close completely allowing for privacy and light control

Hunter Douglas

Mr. H says: People are either born hosts or born guests-Enjoy!

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