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Mirror, Mirror

Mirrored walls don’t need to appear tacky and will enhance a room if done correctly.

One of the most famous mirrored rooms in the world is housed in the Palace of Versailles. This famous hall features seventeen mirror clad arches that reflect the seventeen arcade windows which overlook the gardens.

Chateau Versailles Galerie des Glaces
Chateau Versailles Galerie des Glaces

You need not live in a palace to be on trend as seen in this modern hall interpretation


A mirrored wall doubles the visual space and is a focal point

A large mirror adds interest in a foyer

J. Rhodes Interior Design

A mirrored back splash expands a kitchen and reflects the opposite windows and light


Luxurious antique mirrored bath

Create an instant window with an oversized Uttermost mirror

Oversize floor mirror

Sparkly mirrored tabled lamp enriches any decor

Sara Block

Mr. H says: Beauty is eternity admiring itself in a mirror-Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror

  1. what gorgeous inspiration! Love the idea of a mirrored splashback in the kitchen what a great way to get light in your cooking space, would be a pain to clean though…. X Cat

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