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Icicle Inspired Design

In Charleston, it’s fairly rare that we get this kind of weather and as dangerous as the roads are there are still some nice things to glean from it.

Here’s a shot of our flag frozen stiff with ice and the pretty icicles that have appeared on our bushes.

J. Rhodes Interior Design

It’s easy to incorporate the icy look into your home decor (and I don’t mean turning the heat down!)

Light a few candles in these sparkly candlesticks from Orrefors

Orrefors Carat Candlesticks

Cuddle up with this pure white throw from Cricket’s Hand Knits

Crickets Creations throw
Crickets Creations

Light up the night with this elegant prism cut crystal chandelier from Sparkle Decor

Sparkle Decor Crystal Chandelier
Sparkle Decor

Toast the icy weather with these Waterford champagne flutes.

Waterford Lismore flutes

Mr. H says: That while the roads are icy one absolutely cannot get to the office but can always manage to get to the bar-Enjoy!

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