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Eight reasons to love contemporary design

There is no doubt that the contemporary movement has affected every aspects of our daily lives.  Our architecture, fashion, technology and even our cars benefit was the principles of contemporary design.

Here are eight reasons to love this design aesthetic:

Contemporary spaces are comfortable, tailored, and organized.

Modern Kiawah interior designer
Jim Somerset

Less is more.  With the trend to live at a slower pace and with fewer possessions-contemporary design seamlessly works for this lifestyle.

Modern foyer design
Jim Somerset

Contemporary homes contain fewer walls creating an open living space that most people desire.

Holger Obenaus

A variety of  color palettes can be incorporated into contemporary spaces.

Jim Somerset

Contemporary design embraces nature and the outdoors.

With restraint, contemporary and traditional design can co-mingle.

Phillip Jeffries

Contemporary bathrooms feel like a favorite spa.

Holger Obenaus

Natural materials such as stone, wood and leather are the utilized in contemporary design.

Jean van der Meulen

Mr. H says: Design is not just what it looks like but how it works-Enjoy!

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