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Design School: Mid-Century Modern

Though its been a design style I’ve always admired it took living in a Mid-century modern home to gain a real appreciation for this significant design movement.

Influencing architecture, interior design and product design, the term generally describes modern design from 1933 to 1965.  Taking the organic architectural principles of Frank Loyd Wright further by creating structures with ample windows, open interiors floor plans and bringing the outdoors in.  Innovative materials and technology provided architects and designers new medians to inspire their designs.

Glass walls, asymmetry, and deep overhangs are indicative to Mid-century modern architecture.

Mid-century modern home

 Clean lines, an open floor plan and the integration of nature characterize Mid-century modern interiors.

Design School: Mid-Century Modern

Mid Century Modern Interior

Earth tones mixed with pops of brighter color accents was the norm for interiors.

Sherwin Williams Suburban Modern Colors

Furniture designers took advantage of new materials to design pieces that were both functional and beautiful.

Designers Charles and Ray Eames used molded plywood in the design of their iconic chair

Eames lounge chair and ottoman

Innovative and comfortable the Eames molded plastic arm chair became instantly famous when it debut in 1948.

Eames molded plastic arm chair

Created by sculptor Isamu Noguchi in the 1940s, the Noguchi table’s organic base and freeform glass top combines art and function.

Herman Miller Noguchi Table

Sleek, streamlined shapes dominated the lighting scene.

Mid-century modern chandelier     

Innovative fabrics like naugahyde, nylon and bark cloth were widely used due to their durability and easy care.  Whimsical freeform patterns and tight geometries were the most common designs.

Sanderson mobiles fabric Sanderson Seaweed fabric

Duralee Mid Century Modern

Mr. H says: People ignore design that ignores people-Enjoy!

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