Easy organize habits

Six tips from a habitual organizer

One of the leading New Year’s resolutions for many (behind losing weight!) is getting your home organized.

When life feels out of control it helps to get organized.  Clearing out clutter tidy’s your physical space and makes room for what matters most. Studies have shown that being organized relieves stress allowing you to experience a greater sense of calm at home.

Easy habits to get organized
Easy habits to get organized

Changing your mindset and developing organizing habits is the best approach to sticking to this resolution. These are my top tops for clearing the clutter from your home, and your life!

Tips from a habitual organizer
Tips from a habitual organizer

Don’t start with the containers…

Containers don’t equal Organized
Containers don’t equal organized

Sort the mail promptly…

Don't dump the mail
Don’t dump the mail

Kitchen counters are for preparing food…

Keep kitchen counters tidy
Keep countertops tidy

A junk drawer is okay…

Create a junk drawer strategy
Create a junk drawer strategy

Closing the door is not a solution…

Manage your closets
Manage your closets

Schedule time to organize…

Create an organizing plan
Create a plan

Easy habits make a difference…

Daily organizing habits
Daily organizing tips

Mr. H says: Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions-Enjoy!

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